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The Pencil Skirt: Style Tips and Tricks

The pencil skirt is our weapon of choice when you need a stylish and feminine look for any occasion. This fitted skirt has a versatility that is second to none and oozes sophistication.

Christian Dior first introduced the modern pencil skirt to the world in the late 1940's - a design many consider to be one of his finest. He used the term 'H-Line' to describe the shape, which gives a wearer a classy and polished look. A friend to many a woman, the advantage of the pencil skirt is its ability to make the most of a lady's curves.

Here are our tips on mastering an occasion with a pencil skirt:



A pencil skirt is perfect for workwear, providing it'S not too figure hugging. Choose a high waist and look for neutral colours. Keep your blouse tucked in, pair with a cropped blazer or jacket, and finish with heels and a statement necklace for a polished and professional look.

Don't be scared to experiment with a floral blouse or some fun accessories. The advantage of the pencil skirt is its ability to be a staple that's easy to mix and match with for the office.


Follow much the same principles as above, but go easy on the jewellery! You want to keep the focus of your interviewers on your winning personality and superior skills - not your dangly earrings and chunky necklace! Remember with interviews it's always best to play it safe. Keep it dignified and simple. You may also want to consider wearing pantyhose.


Being quite a fitted skirt, a good idea for a casual event is pairing your skirt with a slouchy knit, a leather jacket or cardigan for a relaxed, yet stylish edge. Complete with flats, sandals or low sneakers.


A special night deserves a special skirt, especially one that makes you look amazing! Keep an eye out for a pencil skirt in a fun pattern or colour and make it your outfit's statement piece.


When winter demands some extra warmth, the pencil skirt is an accommodating style. Add some tights, boots and a coat that cinches in at the waist to maintain the curvy silhouette the pencil skirt creates. If you're wearing knee high boots be sure to wear an above the knee skirt!


Conceal unwanted stomach bulges with a wide waist banded skirt. Or try a peplum top to keep it covered up and add some extra flair. For leaner legs, go for a pencil skirt with two darts in the front. Got a small waist you want to show off? Add a belt. Experiment with a skinny belt and loose top for some waist definition.


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